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Focus on your startup,
not the invoices

Let your customers generate, edit, and download Stripe invoices, so you don’t have to.

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Brian H Kang
745 founders sleep better

Tired of managing Stripe invoices?

Stripe invoices without ZenVoice

  • Manually create invoices
  • Or pay up to $2 per invoice
  • Waste hours in customer support
  • Can’t update details once sent (VAT, Tax ID)
  • Can't make invoices for previous purchases

Stripe invoices + ZenVoice

  • Self-serve invoices
  • One-time payment for unlimited invoices
  • No more customer support
  • Editable invoices to stay compliant
  • Invoices for any payment, even past ones

I don't want to pay Stripe $2 for every invoice. I don't want to spend 10 minutes manually crafting every invoice either.

Zenvoice solved this problem once and for all. The app is simple, but it nails the job perfectly.

Dan Kulkov feedback for ZenVoice

Dan Kulkov

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Self-serve invoices for your customers

  • Add one or multiple Stripe accounts to ZenVoice. It takes less than a minute. No coding required.

    Secured with restricted API keys
  • Your customers can retrieve any successful payments made on all your Stripe accounts.
    Send by email
    Show on dashboard
  • Once customers find a successful payment, they receive a secure link to generate, edit, and download invoices. They can add their VAT number, company details, fix typo.
    Protected data
    Editable invoices
    EU compliant template
ZenVoice dashboard: Connect Stripe accounts

I added the ZenVoice link in the welcome email. So if anyone wants to have the invoice then it's self-serve. I deploy it once and I don't need to care anymore.

Philipp Keller feedback for ZenVoice

Philipp Keller

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ZenVoice in 3 minutes

ZenVoice solves a crazy pain of my biz.

My customer support agent is getting requests regarding invoices 2-3 times A DAY. I purchased and integrated it to my Stripe account in less than 5min.

Roey L. feedback for ZenVoice

Roey Lalazar

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✨ Launch discount — $50 OFF ✨

Stop wasting hours managing Stripe invoices

Ditch the Stripe Invoicing fee, reduce customer support, and focus on your startup. 1-minute no-code setup.




  • ZenVoice link
  • Unlimited self-serve invoices
  • 1 Stripe account
Get Zenvoice

One-time payment, then it's yours forever





  • ZenVoice link
  • Unlimited self-serve invoices
  • Unlimited Stripe accounts
Get Zenvoice

One-time payment, then it's yours forever

Not having to make invoices manually is saving me tons of support work. Now I can just send a link to customers and they handle everything themselves

Nico J. feedback for ZenVoice

Nico Jeannen

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When you sell one-time payment products, Stripe takes a 0.4% cut (up to $2.00) per sale. With ZenVoice, you only pay once, and never again.

    And if you don't pay for Stripe Invoicing, you will get customer requests asking for invoices. Stripe receipts aren't enough for most countries' regulations.

    Finally, Stripe invoices aren't editable. Your customers can't add VAT, Tax ID, or fix typos after the purchase is done.

    ZenVoice fixes all that.

  • Yes
  • Yes! It's made for one-time purchases, to avoid paying 0.4% in Stripe fee (or up to $2 per invoice).

  • Yes.

  • Yes.

  • Yes. Stripe Invoicing costs 0.4% of the invoice amount, up to a maximum of $2.00. ZenVoice is a cheaper alternative.

  • It does. ZenVoice will check for successful payments on your Stripe accounts and generate invoices for any successful payments.
  • Yes. We use restricted API keys to access your Stripe account using the minimum required data to generate invoices.

  • Yes. They can edit the invoice to add their VAT number, Tax ID, or correct a typo in their name for instance.

  • Yes. They can edit the invoice to add their VAT number, Tax ID, or correct a typo in their name for instance. No more support requests.

  • Customers can only generate, edit, and download invoices for their own successful payments. If your customer retrieves a payment, they will have to confirm their email address to access the payment data.

I've found it incredibly frustrating that the @stripe interface doesn't have an easy way to create and link invoices to customers post-sale?

Now I have a self-serve solution which will work forever on all my Stripe accounts saving me 3-4 hrs a month currently and probably 50+ hours in the future.

Dillion feedback for ZenVoice

Dillion V.

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Ditch Stripe Invoicing fee and focus on your startup

Let your customers generate, edit, and download invoices themselves.

Get Zenvoice

When I realized I paid Stripe $1,600 to generate invoices in 2023, I turned off the invoicing feature.

My inbox was suddenly flooded with invoice requests...

I built ZenVoice to let my customers generate and download invoices themselves so I can focus on growing my businesses.

Marc Lou feedback for ZenVoice

Marc Lou

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